Der Adler und der Albatros, Berlin 2009

The reproductions of the drawings in the publication Der Adler und der Albatros originated during a working period in the first two months of 2009 in Berlin. In these months I have written the manuscript ”De Lozing”. While writing, I  created a series of drawings, which seemingly are separate from the literary subject, but saw the light at the same time. What should these drawings be? Frankly, to clarify my reason and mind. At times, when writing stopped I made drawings. The drawings were made without a specific pupose or suject, but merely to satisfy the need to create images. It could be said that the drawings express Freedom.
From the series of drawings a selection and composition was made, which are published in the book. This publication was produced in collaboration with Superette, with kind finacial support by Het Materiaalfonds and a private sponsorship.

The pen and oil-stick drawings do not carry a title, only a number.
Each drawing measures 42×42 cm, 140 gr/m2 acid free paper, framed 57×57 cm, black wooden frame and snow-white paspartout.

Size per image: 29×29 cm, 24 pages, hard linnen cover, silver-pressed tilte (total size 29,5×29,5 cm), silkscreen prints on 190 gr/m2 HVO White (acid free); Dutch and German introduction and colophon; issue 100, numbered 1/100- 100/100 and I/XV-XV/XV and signed