40 Drawings to think about whether we can keep this up, series 2011-2016

40 drawings facsimile presentation 2 ’40 Drawings to think about whether we can keep this up’ is an evolving series of works of art on paper, which keeps me to puzzle my instinct, intuition, intellect, non-rational ideas and drawing-skills into one large body, as a comic book or rebus about… well, about whether we can keep this up. Whatever that may be, but it should be something which I feel is pretty extraordinary and important enough to visualize.

The drawings are sub-titled: Series III with the number of drawing and the month of publication. Occasionally the drawings carry a secondary subtitle.

Drawings are made with pen and East-Indian ink, oil-stick, acrylic, pencil, markers on 50×65 cm, 320 g/m2 acid free paper.

40 drawings facsimile presentation 1What’s so special about this publication? This book is a so called scrapbook; all images are high quality, full color reproductions of drawings, printed on separate sheets, which have to be pasted in the scrap-book by the owners of the book. Moreover, this series of drawings is still evolving, about three quarters to its complement is in production. From October 2013 on, every month a new drawing of “Series Three” will be published up to forty drawings. Subscribers of the facsimile scrapbook will look forward to their monthly supplement and will be able to make their own composition and visual story, so every single book will be unique, yet share the same visual content. The book will be complete in March 2016.

This numbered and signed edition, which will contain 40 reproductions after its completion, is limited to 50 issues. The book is presented along ten reproductions for a start. The size of the facsimile reproductions is 20% of the original and printed on glossy paper.


The limited edition facsimile scrapbook numbered and signed with the first 10 reproductions: € 100,-

“Basic subscription” : scrapbook with the 10 reproductions plus 10 monthly reproductions from October 2013- July 2014: € 200,-

“Silver subscription” : scrapbook with the 10 reproductions plus 20 monthly reproductions from October 2013- May 2015: € 290,-

“Gold subscription” : scrapbook with the 10 reproductions plus 30 monthly reproductions from October 2013- March 2016: € 380,-

“Royal subscription”: Gold subscription plus a unique, self-selected Piezography print of a drawing on 75% of its original size (print-size: 37,5×48,75 cm): € 550,-

After your choice of subscription is completed, you may prolong your subscription any moment you wish.

Please order the facsimile “40 Drawings To Think About Whether We Can Keep This Up” and your choice of subscription, by sending me an email with your order along the address on which you would like to receive the book and future reproductions.

After your email, you will receive a note and payment details of your particular choice by email. Book and reproductions are sent by mail to the specified address after payment of the total sum of your subscription.

If you would like to receive an invoice, 6% VAT will be added to the total sum. Foreign orders are VAT-free.

Technical details
Edition: 50
Language: English
Size: 20,1×15,5 cm
Hard cover, silkscreen printed title
88 pages, offset printed on “Editie blauw-weis”, 90 gr/m² acid free paper
40 Reproductions printed on “Hello Gloss”, 90 gr/m² paper
Reproduction size: 10×13 cm