Size Does Not Matter Self-Portrait, 2013

A patchwork self-portrait, of details of paintings, larger than life,  gazing at the future. It forms the visualized literal content of me as an artist searching for utmost form as a painter lucky enough to live in a digital era.
Pixel larger than life, paint larger than life!

This highly pixelated portrait consists out of 550 details of paintings made by Rombout Oomen, in the period 1999-2010. Each pixel measures circa 46×46 cm; 25 pixels high, 22 pixels wide.
Total size: about 12×10,60 meters; 137,5 m2
Oil, acrylic, enamel, spray paint on canvas, polyester, linnen on a steal frame.
Currently on show in the NDSM-Wharf in Amsterdam.

Technical advice: Pi-kwadraat and Odd enjinears

This project could not be realized without the help of Ms Zita Winnubst, the finest sewer in Amsterdam!
And secondary assistance: Christel van Calsteren, Iwan Snel, Marc Koolen, Jasper Kooper, Cor Zegers

The project is financially supported by Stichting Kinetisch Noord