tassen zwaanwaterproof shoulder bag made of 350 g/m² polyester- and acryl mash splashproof shopper made of 350 g/m² polyester- and acryl mash


“Zwaan, roadmap to Noord”. This gigantic work of art by Rombout Oomen has been removed. As a tribute to Amsterdam Noord, it proudly hung on the A’DAM Tower (formerly Overhoeks or Shell Tower) from 29 March 29th until september 26th 2014.

The 1281 m² banner has been unfolded on the NDSM-yard and cut it into pieces of 1 m² each. In order to give this beautiful cloth a long and varied life UNIQUE artbags are being made by bag specialist Marie José Hamers of “Hamers op Maat”.

Unique because each bag has its own design, as each bag is made of a different 1 m² piece of cloth of the original banner of the ZWAAN. Two models are available: a shoulder bag, waterproof, (€ 59) and a shopper, splash-waterproof (€ 35,-). Both bags are made very strong in order to have a long life and are made of 350 g/m² polyester and acrylic mash. The shoulder bag is extra reinforced on the inside with truck canvas. With each bag comes a certificate of authenticity.
The bags can be ordered at: or email to:

Persons who already bought their m² of the ZWAAN pay € 34,- for their shoulder bag!

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