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NOVA LUX Publishers publishes bibliophile books which are fashioned with great care.

The idea of NOVA LUX Publishers is to create a beautiful item concerning the use of language and the design; design and readability come together.

NOVA LUX Publishers publishes mainly non-fiction, with subjects such as art, culture, literature, science and futurism, but also coffee table books and cookbooks. In short, NOVA LUX Publishers is specialized in the field of human interest.

The main issue of NOVA LUX Publishers is to disseminate and share knowledge. Our goal is to give everyone with good ideas a platform when it comes to written words, drawings or any art designed on paper.

NOVA LUX Publishers is always looking for that one particle in bookland, which has not yet been discovered, and embraces the small opportunities and ideas about books.
The books are designed and edited in close cooperation with the authors.

NOVA LUX Publishers is established by artist Rombout Oomen in March 2014 with the book “Zwaan, Roadmap to Noord”. The publishing house is located in the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam North, the largest creative breeding place of the Netherlands on the grounds of the national monument ensemble of the old shipyard NDSM.

NOVA LUX Publishers believes in beautiful books and supports artists, scientists and ideas people who want to share their aspirations in book form.

Oomen privately published the books “Der Adler und der Albatros” (2009) and “40 Drawings to think about” (2013).

NOVA LUX Publishers: To Know is to Share